King George V Lock under construction 1916

Bascule Bridge 1953

King George V and Royal Albert Docks 1930

King George V + Royal Albert Docks and Albert Basin 1949

The Royal Albert and King George V Docks.

The Royal Albert and King George V Docks, two of the 'Royal' group of docks (along with the Royal Victoria Dock, which lay to the west of these). These were very prosperous until the late 1960s. Their layout permitted trans-shipment of break bulk cargoes from ship to rail, to road and lighter transport or into warehouses for storage. Most of the cargo passing through the dock group was from deep sea trades, particularly with the British Commonwealth. This aerial view of the docks clearly shows the extent of the complex, including the huge entrance locks at Gallions Reach.


' National Maritime Museum, London

The 36,655 ton 'Mauritania' on 6th August 1939, completing her maiden voyage across the Atlantic.